Optimal Nutrition for mother and baby before and during Pregnancy and Breast feeding

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NATAbiol is a food supplement specially developed to provide optimum Nutrition for Mother and Baby Before and during pregnancy and Breast-Feeding

NATAbiol formulation includes:

  • High strength Omega-3 Fatty acids (DHA). DHA is important for a normal brain and heart function as well as for good vision. In addition, research has demonstrated that extra supplementation during pregnancy may have a positive effect on the development of the foetus, and that this may have a positive effect on the survival and wellbeing of the child.
  • Folic Acid for normal tissue growth and the prevention of neural tube defects
  • Iron for normal development and the prevention of anemia
  • Biotin for the prevention of birth defects
  • Vitamin D3 for absorption of calcium in the bones
  • Vitamin B6 and ginger root for prevention of nausea
  • Iodine is important for the maintenance of the nervous system and the cognitive function. Iodine is furthermore important for normal growth of children.
  • 8 other vitamins and 4 minerals for general protection and development.

Contents per Capsule
Omega-3 providing DHA and EPA, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Vitamin K, Biotin, Folic Acid, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Ginger Root Extract

1 Capsule per day

60 Capsules

Pregnancy and health risks

  • 1 in 1,000 pregnancies are affected by neural tube defects.
    Supplementation of 400 – 800 µg folic acid/day effectively reduces this risk.
  • 41.8 % of pregnant women worldwide are anaemic.
    WHO recommendations are to supplement with 30 – 60 mg of iron/day.
  • Biotin deficiency occurs in up to 50 % of pregnant women, resulting in increased risk of birth defects.
  • The general nutritional status is important for normal development of the foetus and child.

Sufficient intake of essential nutrients is therefore of utmost importance for the pregnant woman as well as for the development of the unborn and newborn child!

Healthy pregnancy

For people in poor countries, general lack of nutrition is a major problem. With low or insufficient intake of nutrition, the risk of insufficient intake of important nutrients increases. This leads to reduced birth weight and increased risks of deficiency caused defects and increased mortality.

Even in the wealthy part of the world, deficiencies occur frequently due to less than ideal diets, but also lifestyle and exposure to contaminants.

Sufficient food intake, a varied diet with fruits and vegetables, whole grain carbohydrate, proteins, fat and low amounts of sugar is important for the mother and child.

Additional intake of folate, iron and biotin is recommended by the WHO.

Smoking and the intake of alcohol and other stimulants should be avoided.

What is neural tube defect?

A Neural tube defect (NTD) is an opening in the spinal cord or brain that occurs very early in human development. This of the most common birth defects, affecting over 300,000 births globally each year. Neural tube defect resulted in 71,000 deaths globally in 2010.

The main cause is folate deficiency. Folate antimetabolites, maternal diabetes, maternal obesity, mycotoxins, arsenic, hyperthermia in early development, and radiation may also cause neural tube defect. 70 % of all cases of neural tube defects is caused by folate deficiency. The remaining 30 has genetic or other causes.

Pregnancy and anemia

Anemia is a medical condition in which there is not enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to the tissues in the body. When the tissues do not receive an adequate amount of oxygen, many organs and functions are affected. Anemia during pregnancy is especially a concern because it is associated with low birth weight, premature birth and maternal mortality The condition affects 41 % of all pregnant women globally (WHO).

Iron-deficiency anemia. Approximately 15% to 25% of all pregnancies in industrialized countries experience iron deficiency.

Folate-deficiency leads to reduced number of red blood cells.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is needed for production of red blood cells, and low levels of vitamin B12 therefore represents another cause of anemia.

Copper is needed for iron transport in the body.

Biotin deficiency may also lead to increased risks of birth defects, and in also important for development of the nervous system and psychological function. As many as 50 % of pregnant women are deficient.

It is well established that calcium is needed for the development of strong bones. It is, however, equality important to obtain sufficient supplies of Vitamins D and K, phosphorus and magnesium for binding calcium in bone tissue.

Many nutrients are important for development of the nervous system, and cognitive and mental performance. This includes Vitamins B1, B2, B3 (niacin), B5 and C, in addition to copper, zinc, iodine and Omega-3 fatty acids.

It is also important that the mother and child develop a proper immune system. Vitamins A, C and E, as well as copper, zinc and selenium are important in this connection.

NATAbiol® and pregnancy

NATAbiol® has been developed on basis of the latest scientific findings and the recommendations of the World Health Orgaization (WHO) and national health authorities.

In addition to the main nutrients associated with pregnancy and lactation, it contains a complete set of vitamins and minerals. NATAbiol® is therefore a complete supplement. No need for additional supplements. It is all contained in NATAbiol®.

NATAbiol® comes in two different versions – one with all the vitamins and minerals – and one which in addition contains omega-3 fatty acids.

As folate (folic acid) is needed during the first part of pregnancy, expecting mothers and those who plan to become a mother, should start taking NATAbiol® as early as possible – already before conception. As folate and the other nutrients are needed also for other purposes, NATAbiol® should be taken throughout pregnancy and the period of lactation.